Monday, May 24, 2010

This Is Why You T-Tapp

In January T-Tapp had a 30 day challenge.  For those that want to see what T-Tapp can do for you (AND I will say that while on the hCG diet your body is taken to the next level by a factor of 10!) Click the link.  These are the January winners of the challenge.  All they did was T-Tapp for 30 days and change their eating habits and they didn't have the hCG diet advantage.

Now you may say, "But on the hCG diet I don't have to exercise."  You are right, YOU don't have to exercise but the reality is this....

Do you want to stay on a diet any longer then you need to?
Do you want to shorten the rounds you have to do?
Do you want to see results faster?
Do you want to work out for hours a day to see these results?
Do you want an exercise that can not only transform your body but improve your health without being a gym rat?

These are just some of the reasons I've come up with for doing T-Tapp.  See the results, read the stories and decided what you want to do.



  1. That is definitely why we T-Tapp! May I link your article to my blog?


  2. I am still trying to figure out what kind of workout t-tapp is...there is nothing that i have found that says how you do it or where you go for it or anything. All i see these ppls results which is great but...I want to know too! Any help would be great thanks.



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